Forts &
Castles of Ghana

The Book

Remnants of a Haunted Past

Yaw Pare is a celebrated Ghanaian photographer. This ground- breaking book richly illustrates the history and legacies of Ghana’s forts and castles through photography. In the same way that the forts and castles themselves bear witness to the horrors of the transatlantic slave trade and slavery, so too do these photographs provide compelling material and visual tes- timonies, offering possibilities for understanding that words do not. In this book, the photographer’s camera captures a reality that many choose to remember but just as many choose to forget. Ultimately, this book constitutes an attempt to docu- ment the past so that it is never forgotten in the present.

The Author

Yaw Pare

Yaw Pare is a self-taught Ghanaian photographer and filmmaker with a passion for showcasing Ghana and its heritage to the world in a more challenging light. His photographs in this book capture both the grandeur and the horrors and tragedy of the forts and castles along the Ghana coastline, as they appear today. For Pare, this is about raising awareness of the history and the legacies that they represent: their engagement in the transatlantic slave trade and the terrible human suffering of so many Africans and people of African descent. It is his sincere wish that these photographs will stimulate discussion between Africans and descendants in the diaspora, and help to nurture the process of reconnection and healing. After all, as Pare notes, “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

Monumental Remnants:
framing Ghana's forts and castles

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